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Eradication of Global Terrorism





A)    Eliminate the very raison d’ être of the Islamo-Fascists, i.e.

despotism in their native countries.


B)    Terminate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


C)    The Ronald Reagan strategy version: “We win, they lose”.





The world and particularly the West can help by stop being part of the

problem i.e. preaching freedom and democracy while supporting

tyrannies, and thus become part of the solution by strategically

implementing lessons taught by history, as follows:


I ) Withdraw all military bases and or cease ALL support and aid to

tyrants starting with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, then Jordan, Pakistan, all

followed by the rest. Just maintain strictly normal if not minimal

diplomatic and commercial relations. In short encourage these countries

to “make their own omelettes by breaking their own eggs.”

A wishful thinking scenario to sort of accelerate things would be that if

Bin Laden and his second in command El Zawahri were captured, but

their capture would remain secret. Air Force One would be dispatched to

pick them up. Then supply them with some American Express travelers’

checks, wish them good luck in liberating their countries, and then

parachute them under darkness in the suburbs of Riyadh and Cairo

respectively with reservations under aliases at the local Motel 6. That

would certainly speed things up, a lot. Unless they again cut and run, all

depending on whether they shed their Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.


II) Encourage the peoples’ striving for liberty and democracy via a giant

Tsunami of information and propaganda that would dwarf e.g. Voice of

America, Radio Liberty, Radio Free Europe, the Internet, etc., etc. It is

historically proven that it works.


III) Discourage/impede all foreign / outside interference that supports

perpetuating tyrannies and thus terrorism.


IV) Any nation that exports terrorism and or provides aid, support or safe

haven to terrorism will be regarded as hostile regime and as such will be

relentlessly pursued with all available means. Along these lines, and as a

matter of record, the entire Free World supported counter terrorism

policy as declared by the US, right after 9/11 on September 20, 2001:


“Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists, and every government that

supports them and will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to

terrorism. Every nation, in every region now has a decision to make.

Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day

forward, any nation that continues to harbour or support terrorism will be

regarded by the United States as hostile regime “.


V) Deprive the Islamo-Fascists i.e. all the terrorists and their fans of their

favourite universal source of motivation, the Israel - Palestine Gordian

Knot, by borrowing from history again. I.E. taking Alexander’s Gordian

knot approach combined with Solomon’s “splitting” of the baby. Thus

eliminating the impasse altogether. More about that later.



VI) Reminding the media and the news media in particular of their civil

responsibilities and duties, as well as appealing to their patriotism so that

they can perform as brilliantly as they did during WWII. Global Terrorism

is war and our foes should not be promoted inadvertently or not.

Implementation of the above SIX points will result in the disintegration of

the fundamental “Raison d’être” of the Global Islamofascist Terrorists and

consequently the loss of support from their fan clubs which supports

them and keeps them motivated. Not to mention the loss of oil money

supplied by the tyrants.


As a result, the terrorists will then have to "file for unemployment" and

look for a new job.

Terrorists could not any longer claim that they are fighting and sacrificing

themselves TO:

  • Liberate their fellow countrymen, fellow Arabs, and fellow Moslems from the barbaric Westerners, Crusaders, and Zionists and their proxies i.e. their domestic tyrants
  • Protect Islam from the attacks of barbaric Westerners, Crusaders, and Zionists out to destroy it, thus carrying out Allah’s will.


Those fanatics still addicted to terrorism and looking for a terrorist job

will have to look for a different “Raison d’être” besides being ostracized

by their own people.


Their only alternative is to re - direct their energies and efforts against the

autocratic regimes of their own countries. History indicates that there will

be many bloody clashes and fratricides of all kinds, tribalistic, religious,

political, sectarian, socioeconomic, etc.( some current precursor samples

are the Hamas -Fatah fighting in Gaza, the sectarian fights in Iraq, the

factional fighting in Lebanon etc., etc.).. Regimes will keep rising and

falling causing instability and even chaos for a while.



These conflicts will cost blood and lots of treasure. The extra treasure can

only be derived from selling extra oil/natural gas. According to the

ancient law of supply and demand, the resulting increase of oil/natural

gas production will lower the price of oil/natural gas and OPEC will have

to go see a dentist after being defanged as a result.


Historically, this is par for the course. It is part of the evolution of peoples

climbing on their own out of the abyss of slavery and terror. It is just part

of the process. The US, after Yorktown in 1781 experienced all kinds of

trials and tribulations for about eighty years, culminating into the Civil



If initially should some extremely fanatical religious regimes manage to

take over, not to worry so long as the West leaves them alone and on

their own, to sort of stew in their own juices. Historically, dogma more so

religious dogma, inherently breeds hypocrisy, corruption and tyranny,

which always culminates in its explosion or implosion I.E. Doomed to



Once the resulting cathartic Tsunami has crested and the waters of liberty

have found their level, and the people have embarked on the road of

democracy, the only road leading to liberty, then, and only then should

they be supported, nurtured and aided, by the US and its allies in

emerging like the Phoenix from the ashes.



It is quite likely that due to the 21st Century

Globalisation/Communication (TV, Internet, etc.) this Tsunami will not be

as drastic or as long lasting as in the past with the French Revolution and

the following hundred years and not as many ashes. Another prime

example is the Greek struggle to cast off the Ottoman shackles they lived

with for over three hundred years. They finally succeeded and declared

their independence in 1821. During the previous 25 years they attempted

twice without success but shedding a lot of blood, to gain their freedom.

They were allegedly inspired by the American war of Independence as

well as the French Revolution. However since 1821, Greece has been

through an endless roller coaster of autocracies and attempted

democracies. Just prior to WW II Greece was a dictatorship. At the end of

WW II it experienced a short civil war. The last dictatorship took place in

1967 when a military junta took over. Presently, it looks like Greece may

be finally and irrevocably on the path of democratic freedom.


It is incumbent upon the Free Democracies to FINESSE (finessing plans

like war plans are endlessly subject to change and adaptation) once the

“activities are launched and until the objective is attained by all means

possible, i.e. the implementation of the above six points and their

consequences mentioned above.



It may be said that finessing is like sex, it is not what you do that counts,

but how you do it.


Publicly divulging the six point plan for the Eradication of the

Islamofascist global terrorism, in a way, is as if General Eisenhower in

May 1944 sent Hitler a postcard invitation to a beach party in Normandy

for June 6, 1944. Once again if only Harry Potter could insert the six

point plan into our government’s secret agenda. On the other hand there

is a possibility that the “bad guys” will ignore the six point plan being

made public just as the “good guys” ignored Hitler’s and Bin Laden’s



The alternative, i.e. maintaining the status quo and or keep on repeating

history will result only in the propagation of this global terrorism and

bloodshed (to say the least) for countless years. I.E. Death By A

Thousand Cuts.


The ignoring of History is the main cause of the Islamofascist terrorism.

Its flames are fueled and fanned (through oil financing as well as extreme

religious and nationalistic ideologies exploited by despots) almost

exclusively by the following four primary major protagonists:

1)    Saudi Arabia: The Saudi Arabian regime totally suppresses its

people, it even scared the daylights out of Bin Laden and his gang and

they moved out. Its oligarchy absorbs most all of its oil wealth, and in

order to survive, it finances the “globalisation both terrorism and

Wahabism with its fanatical education (MADRASSAS) thanks to oil wealth

and being the birthplace of the prophet. It also promotes hatred of the

West and its infidels as well as Israel.

Saudi Arabia does not spread Wahabism  just to Pakistan and

Afghanistan, it exports it also to other Arab/Moslem countries such as

Egypt, Morocco Iraq etc. as indicated by the following:

Egyptian writer Alaa al Aswany is a bestselling novelist in the Arab World

as well as in the US. He also has a master’s in dentistry from the

University of Illinois in Chicago. He also contributes articles to Egyptian


newspapers. In a half page Wall Street Journal interview (Wednesday,

October 29, 2008.) he mentioned “The Egyptian interpretation of Islam

was wonderful, very liberal…. (I personally confirm it) it was never a

burden for us”. He says that “beginning from the ‘80s, you had an

invasion by another interpretation.” Where did this come from? Saudi

Arabia,” he says. “We call it Wahabism.”

On March 4, 2010, PBS/Jim Lehrer news featured Alaa al Aswany, and

the invasion and domination of Egypt’s Islam by Saudi Whabism version

of Islam.


The current extreme prevalence of hijabs and other Moslem headgear for

women seems to coincide with the Wahabist invasion.

Prior to the “invasion” when as mentioned Islam in Egypt was wonderful

and liberal ( even though Cairo’s Al Azhar was the centre of the

intellectual and spiritual Islam) very few women covered their heads for

religious reasons, except maybe those who wanted to tell the world they

had been to Mecca as pilgrims. I recall a large woman’s statue by the

Cairo Central station representing the “Emancipation of the Egyptian

Woman” (I think it was erected in the early 1920s. Egypt was already well

advanced. But now, following the ” Wahabist invasion” and the Moslem

Brotherhood’s efforts,  it is all “Back To The Future”.

In the fall of 2009 during a TV interview a recent former Iraqi minister,

happened to also mention that 30 years ago Saudi Arabia started a

campaign using Wahabism to invade and takeover Islam in Egypt.

Mission accomplished.



About the same time during another TV interview a Moroccan official was

mentioning that Wahabism invaded Morocco very effectively resulting in

record sales of hijabs, and the birth Islamic terrorist groups in Morocco.


It would seem that Saudi Arabian financed Wahabist global propaganda

dwarfs Goebel’s Nazi propaganda both in scope and energy. Some could

consider it as a bed rock of the Global Islamic Fascist Terrorism. It could

even turn the INQUISITION green with envy. It might help if the US and

the West would read the Wall Street Journal and watch PBS/Jim Lehrer

news to familiarize themselves with the obvious even though they have

been aware for years according to media reports.


2) Egypt: Despotic Egypt is the birthplace and world hub of distorted

and extremely fanatic Islamic ideology known as the “Moslem

Brotherhood” with all kinds of terrorist franchises across the globe.


Cairo is the home of Al Azhar the first Islamic University in the Arab

Moslem world, established at about 900 AD.. Its main teachings had been

naturally Islamic theology and became the Spiritual guide and intellectual

centre of all Islam. Eventually it was penetrated by the Moslem

Brotherhood also born in Cairo which was founded in the 1920’s by

Sheikh El Banna a very religious school teacher who combined

worshiping of the Prophet with” theological Leninism”. Several Arab

autocrats were also seduced by this European socialism / Leninist

communism e.g. Saddam’s heroes were both Stalin and Hitler. Sheikh El

Banna was understandably neither a fan of British Colonialism nor of the

ruling Egyptian “feudal” aristocracy.


However, by the early 1940’s Moslem Brotherhood was domestically

already in the terror business of assassinations and bombings of public

places like movie theatres full of innocent women and children and as a

result it was outlawed.




* * * I personally recall when they assassinated among others the

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Maher of the Wafd party in the Egyptian

Parliament. Additionally they kept bombing all kinds of public places.

Among the several movie theaters they bombed I recall at least three I

frequented regularly and one of them called Metro, was owned by MGM.

Fortunately sophisticated powerful explosives were not available at the

time and the “Brothers” were limited to sticks of dynamite and alarm

clocks. Imagine, those days they did not have the excuses of Israel, the

Palestinians, Zionists, Iraq, etc., etc., just the god old “Mr. Hyde”


During that time the Egyptian people considered the “Moslem Brothers”

as weirdoes and joked about them. But as violence increased the y

thought they were deranged or just plain fanatical crazies.



In July 1952 Nasser’s military coup overturned the Egyptian government

and ended King Farouk’s reign. Shortly afterwards the Moslem

Brotherhood approached Nasser and appealed to him as fellow Moslems

and equally nationalistic/patriotic Egyptians and offered their full support

in building a strong independent Egypt, and therefore they should no

longer be outlawed. Nasser accepted. Over several following months the

Moslem Brotherhood conspired repeatedly against Nasser in an effort to

replace him as the master of Egypt. There were also assassination

attempts. However Nasser’s Gestapo trained secret service “Al

Mukhabarat” thwarted their efforts. Following their latest attempt, Nasser

rounded up most of the leadership of the “Brotherhood” and under

Martial Law court martialed them. As I recall it, over a weekend they were

all found guilty, a dozen or two were hung, and dozens were condemned

to 20, 30 years, or life with hard labour at the infamous penitentiary of

“Toureh” (the Egyptian Alcatraz) in the outskirts of Cairo. Since, the

brotherhood went into deep hibernation as long as Nasser was around.


Following Nasser’s death, Sadat (member of the original “12” members of

Nasser’s Revolutionary Council) took over as despot of Egypt. In an effort

to extend an olive branch to the “Brotherhood” he pardoned the inmates

of “Toureh”.

As a result history once again repeated itself and Sadat was promptly

assassinated. One more example of this “Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome” fully

wrapped in RELIGION.


Hamas and several other contemporary terrorist groups all

members of the Global Islamofascist Terrorism are offshoots

(subsidiaries, branches, franchises in numerous countrie…) of

the original Moslem Brotherhood born in Cairo.


So today’s Al Qaeda is just another déjà vu all over again except for scale

and modern explosives, in the era of globalisation. Being deadly afraid of

the current Egyptian suppressive regime, the “Brethren” migrated to other

Moslem countries and from there direct terrorism against the West being

perceived as a softer target, e.g. El Zawahri Bin Laden’s Nr. 2. Today’s

Egypt selectively allows its clergy and media otherwise muzzled, to

promote hatred of the West and its infidels as well as Israel.


In both cases as history through the ages teaches, it is paramount that

the people from within liberate themselves from their tyrants, even at the

cost of an implosion and or revolution or even a civil war. In order to

facilitate the process, the West’s contribution would be to FINESSE the

withdrawal of all support to the tyrants, while at the same time not

impede popular expression and maybe even encourage it from afar.


When the dust has settled and an initial non terrorist or dictatorial but a

free democratic regime is established they can call a “special 91 1#” for

assistance but only then. In the meantime there must be no violence and

terrorism is exported or imported.


A historically natural consequence of this would be that all other despotic

regimes playing second fiddle to the protagonists i.e. Egypt and Saudi

Arabia, from Morocco to Pakistan will eventually fall like the walls of

Jericho or at least, like dominoes. They would include:


  • Morocco

  • Algeria
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Sudan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • Jordan
  • All the Gulf States
  • All the Arabian Peninsula States
  • Somalia.
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan



As a matter of record, people from all of those countries have

participated and still participate globally in committing acts of terror on

behalf of Islamic-fascism.

In short so long as despotic regimes continue to exist in the above

countries Global Terrorism will continue to thrive.

There are also some states that can be somewhat qualified as



Iraq: Allegedly trying to be a democracy for now.


Afghanistan: Allegedly a wannabe democracy.


Turkey: A democratic republic, with a perennial a tug of war between

secular democratic Turks and extreme religious Islamists tugging its

constitution towards theocracy, while the military is the designated arbiter

and protector of a secular constitution. Not a totally a secure but still

evolving democracy. The neighbouring Greeks had a hundred years head

start over the Turks, on the road to a free democracy yet still struggling

with the inherited corruption as witnessed with thei financial chaos in


The “Justice & Development Party” (the party in power), under Premier

Erdogan has since the latest elections has drastically altered behavior

internally e.g. persecuting the mainly secular military, secular judges,

promoting (for now) “hidjabs” for Moslem females, as well as less and

less moderate Islam, etc., etc. Could this be an effort to reverse Kemal

Ataturk’s secular and democratic Turkey.

Externally, it is establishing closer and closer ties with Moslem extreme

dictatorships e.g. Iran, Syria, Libya, etc. some of which support global

terrorism while at the same time it tries to join the European Union.


Erdogan’s party came to power as moderate Moslems promising tolerance

for all as well as justice and development for all. The Turkish economy

fared fairly well up to 2008, and as usual the credit always goes to the

party in power.

However the direction of the “Justice & Development Party” seems to

have made a 180 degree particularly since the beginning of 2010.

Let us hope for the sake of the Turkish people that this metamorphosis is

not a modern “Trojan Horse” to introduce an absolute theocratic

dictatorship like that of,  neighbouring Iran.



Israel: A full democracy but one without a constitution according to one

of its former prime ministers, Ehud Barak. That makes it tough to

manage as it makes it possible for various small ultra religious parties to

play kingmakers resulting in the oxymoron of the tail wagging the dog.

He also said in 2000 that if he succeeded in getting re-elected he would a

make an Israeli Constitution a top priority. The tail wagging the dog

situation has some Israelis wondering at times whether they are a

democratic theocracy, or a theocratic democracy.


The February 2009 Israeli elections resulted in producing another

apparent impasse i.e. castrated coalitions confirming once again the dire

need for a Constitution. After weeks of agony a polarized right wing

“conditional” coalition with a small but extreme nationalistic party “Yisrael

Beitenu” under Netanyahu emerged. A main condition being that “Yisrael

Beitenu” leader Avigdor Lieberman be appointed foreign minister of

Israel. Here we go again the tail wagging the dog. It has become a

genuine Israeli tradition. He wants among other things to enforce an

apartheid with the Palestinians that would have sanctified the Afrikaans

version, no compromise with Arabs and or Palestinians, and if possible

grab more real estate. But it is quite understandable since he comes from

the former “Soviet Union” where he was acquainted with dictatorship,

tyranny, corruption, oppression and as a Jew also persecution. As always

according to history those who experienced the above, when they get a

chance, they impose the same things to others. Just as abused children

are likely become abusive parents.



3)  The Israeli I Palestinian impasse: It feeds religious and

nationalistic fanaticism and hatred, anti-Semitism, and resentment of the

West. It is a rallying focal point used by all other Arab/Islamic countries

in the area to amplify these same beliefs. The only alternative is its

definite and irrevocable resolution. Such a resolution would especially

undermine the regimes of Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia by

robbing them of their pretended role of being “honest peace and stability

brokers” in the conflict, as well as their shaking down of the West.



4) The misinformed Arab / Islamic masses: The unchallenged and

well financed unceasing Goebbels style (often state sponsored)

propaganda by the Islamic Fascists, aka brain washing which often is

amplified wittingly or unwittingly by Western media, has created

acceptance and even some sympathy for terrorism at best and support for

terrorists at worst.


Simultaneously the West has to repeat, but with a Tsunami like intensity

and scale the past historic successes during the cold war of “Voice of

America”, “Radio Free Europe, etc. it should cover Moslems in an area

from Morocco in the west to Indonesia/Philippines in the east, in Arabic

Turkish, Farsi Urdu Hindi, etc.. It needs to be a holistic and total effort

which would include flooding the Internet as well. Unfortunately to date

the West, hand in hand with its media has glamourised terrorists turning

them into Robin Hoods, freedom fighters, insurgents, heroic

patriots/nationalists/religious faithful, fighting for their rights, and even

awarded the father of this unprecedented global terrorism Yasser Arafat

the Nobel Peace Prize. They never seem to refer to them as murdering

cowards as defined by their very deeds.


CNN/ Christiane Amanpour in the fall of 2006, while Al Qaeda killings

mushroomed in Iraq made a whole series called “In the Footsteps of Bin



Imagine, if in 1941 (assuming there was TV) when the Luftwaffe was

raining bombs, V2s, and flying bombs over London, the BBC would have

come up with a series titled “In the footsteps Adolf Hitler or, following

Pearl Harbour would CNN (if it existed then) would have come with a

series titled “In the footsteps of Yamamoto” and maybe even narrated by

none other than Tokyo Rose. There probably would have been lynchings.


As a “sequel” to the “Footsteps of Bin Laden” CNN / Christiane Amanpour

and in “salute” of the Global Islamofascist murderous terrorists came up

with the “God’s Warrior s” series. Just to appear fair and impartial they

also included Christian and Judean “warriors”.

With the innumerable re occurring scandals of sexual abuse of children by

priests and high ranking church officials here and overseas, CNN /

Cristiane Amanpour might be tempted to feature a new series called

“God’s Pedophiles”.


Hitler would have gladly traded a dozen Dr. Goebels’ for today’s Western

TV Media, and would not have had to spend a dime on Nazi propaganda.


Compare the West’s media during WW II with today’s media on global

terrorism, and behold the “values” chasm.



The difference seems to consist of:


Confusing news and events, with opinions and editorials.


Endless regurgitation


Pursuit of tabloid genre sensationalism, at all costs.


Indulging in “Availability Cascade” which has been coined as the way a

proposition can become irresistible, simply by the media repeating it.


Indulging in “Information Cascade”, which has been coined as the

tendency to replace our beliefs with that of the crowds.


Finally, in “Reputational Cascade” which has been coined as the rational

to do so.


These are seemingly the priorities of the Media over Jack Web’s “the facts,

just the facts Ma’m”.


One could say that such media activities are in no small way “enablers” of

Global Terrorism and probably helps it recruit frustrated “rebels looking

for a “cause”, as well as the deranged such as “Jihad Jane” and Bin

Laden’s Californian spokesman.


In this war against Global Terrorism it would be refreshing if not vital

that the MEDIA rediscovers the responsibility and patriotism it exhibited

during WWII without diminishing the freedom of the press.

Both the Media and the public observed responsibly and patriotically the

WW II slogan: "Loose Lips Sink Ships". In today's war with the Global

Islamo-fascist Terrorism there is much more at stake.


The MEDIA'S  gigantic coverage of Global Terrorism provides the

Terrorists with tremendous propaganda worth BILLIONS of Dollars, free

of charge. As Goebbels established, propaganda is an extremely powerful

and insidious weapon, and he did not have the benefits of TV, Internet

and Sattelite communication.


It might help if the MEDIA would avoid any glorifying of the Islamofascist

Terrorists by:


Reporting terrorist acts as CRIMES versus Exploits as briefly as possible

while avoiding regurgitation.


Stop referring to TERRORISM as Insurrection, Jihad, freedom fighting,

etc., but as what they are HEINOUS CRIMES against Humanity.


Stop depicting all the time masked terrorists in their terror training camps

etc. as if it was an attempt to glorify them. During WWII the news media

films of current news/war reports projected in movie theatres, did not

depict SS troopers marching , or Hitler Youth parading all on behalf of

the “Aryan Supremacy Cause”.


Stop referring to terrorists, as insurgents, freedom fighters, jihadists,

extreme Islamists, religious fanatics, etc. Avoid all religious reference i.e.

Jihad, Islam, Moslems, Allah's warriors, as it gives them cover and

support to wrap their crimes with the mantle of religion. Most importantly

it insults the Religion of Islam.


Just report on their ethnicity (country of origin), the “the criminal gang

“(e.g. Hezballah Hamas, etc. ) they belong to, minus any reference to


Islam or any religion.


Refer to terrorists according to their crimes e.g.:


Murdering cowards.


Psychopathic killers.


Suicidal murderers.


Genocidal sadists etc.


The success of this 5 point strategy to eradicate Global Terrorism

depends on its implementation (any plan or system is only as good or

bad as its implementation) i.e. tactics. The tactics should be anchored in

“reality on the ground” both regionally and globally while taking into

consideration current events/situations/developments and adapting them

to the advantage of the strategy. Last but not least no village idiot should

be involved in tactics.


Undoubtedly there will be many “chronic rationalisers”, fear mongers,

conspiracy theorists, professional “ostriches (of the head in the sand

variety) etc., who maybe opposed to the strategy and tactics thus no

surprisingly denying History yet again. Such a blatant denial of History

could be possibly explained by none other than Einstein’s following

statement: “There are only two truly infinite things: the universe and

stupidity. And I am unsure about the universe.”









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